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If you were independently wealthy or supported yourself with an ordinary job and studied this stuff, nobody would care 17 Jun 2014 - Here's How To Teach The Liberal Arts To High Schoolers Another problem is that teenagers get tons of homework, and that this homework is .

When liberal arts students (and worse, academics) scoff and use the phrase “anti-intellectual”, they seem to ignore the fact that somebody has to pay for this crap, and a lot of that money comes out of federal endowments (meaning it’s tax money) and the tuition fees of students who couldn’t care less. That kind of condescending attitude from someone who lives off of other people’s money without their consent is more than a little irritating.

Occasionally you run into undergraduates (and worse, academics) who honest-to-God do not understand the point of doing things besides science, or of reading books with words and no equations, which is like complaining that a book has no pictures. When someone in the humanities gives you disdainful elitist guff for daring to ask them why your tax money should pay their salary, it is quite reasonable to be a little rankled.

On the other hand, when STEM people dismiss history or philosophy or literature in toto (that is, not just the academic departments, but the disciplines themselves), they end up looking like overgrown sci-fi nerds arguing that computer games are better than books. (If any STEM types would like a justification for participating in such disciplines, I will answer, but first I want to ask why they’re on Quora and not in a lab somewhere. Okay, I’m gonna catch some flak for this, but a cursory Googling of the phrase “Newton’s Rape Manual” shows one reason why a lot of people can’t stand the liberal arts. A great deal of “scholarship” (using that word loosely) in the liberal arts is done in rigid adherence to, and in service of, a political orthodoxy that simply isn’t shared by the wider society. Even humanist academics admit this: Martha Nussbaum, a feminist philosopher, referred to one instance of this phenomenon as a “feminist assault on reason.

” The people who are most obnoxious about this are exactly the ones who refuse to admit that it happens. I work in a low-paying, low-stress job that only takes 40 hours of my time every week.

Why? Because I want time to pursue things I actually care about. No, I didn’t get an engineering degree, I don’t drive a Lexus, and I don’t have a Rolex. I don’t need those things, and don’t particularly want them.

There is a section of our society that fetishizes “success” (which means making money) and are not fond of the liberal arts, or anything else that isn’t “productive,” meaning anything else that does not make money.