Harvard University's Widener Library ( Wikimedia Commons ) You've heard so much about it. It seems like everyone in the States attends a “liberal arts” college, no matter whether they’re at a prestigious Ivy League university, or on a football scholarship at a tiny college in the middle of Nebraska.

But what does the “liberal arts” system actually mean?The school year, the school systemUnlike the three-term year of UK universities, most USuniversities are broken down into two semesters which last about 14 weeks each.

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Liberal arts universities are based around a credit system.

Eachclass is worth a number of credits (usually three or four) 11 Nov 2013 - It seems like everyone in the States attends a “liberal arts” college, no matter focused on particular classes, as well as more time on specific assignments. number of credits per semester, and in total in order to graduate..

Students arerequired to take a certain number of credits per semester, and in total inorder to graduate. For grading, students are assigned letter grades (A, B, C, D, F)which are associated with a percentage (for example: an A is worth 4.

Instead of a class mark, students receive a GradePoint Average (GPA) 17 Jun 2014 - Here's How To Teach The Liberal Arts To High Schoolers Another problem is that teenagers get tons of homework, and that this homework is .

Oliver Bell, an Englishman completing his BA at Cardinal StritchUniversity Wisconsin likes the GPA approach. “It gives a more accurate view of how you perform in the classroom,”he says.

“However, it can be annoying when your non-major classes cause yourGPA to drop. ” Majors and "general education" coursesPerhaps the biggest difference between a US liberal arts universityand a UK university is in the name.

“Liberal” in this case is not a politicalallegiance, but is used to explain the diversity in subject matter offered atthe universities.

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“It's very similar to doing A-levels,” says Bell 1 Jul 2014 - Last year she wrote an essay discussing the value of the liberal arts that tools that I gained from all of the difficult homework assignments will .

It usually takes students a little longer than in the UK—about fourto five years—to finish a BA.

That extra time also allows students to thinkdeeply about which major they want to pursue.

“Students don't have to choose a career focus right away—they havetime to explore,” says Laine Phillipa, the former director of internationaleducation at CSU Have to introduce it first. Principal of Parker Junior High School high school online homework help for the admission essay editing service employment offers live .

“The courses may introduce them to many topics they have notlearned about before.

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” Aimee-Jane Nash, who came from England to Northern MichiganUniversity for her BA and is now pursuing an MA at Marquette University, agrees:“It enabled me to see what other options there were. ” The variety opened her up to a new community as well.

“I also gotto meet other students who were interested in widely different subjects. ”While the required courses may frustrate some students who onlywant to pursue their chosen subject, it offers students the opportunity todabble in other fields of interest.

In studying a wider range of subjects,students discover new and interesting ways that unrelated subjects complimenttheir chosen field.

“I chose the US to cultivate myself as a person,” says SamWickens, a Londoner who received his BA from CSU 28 Aug 2014 - I was invited to talk alongside more senior liberal arts faculty about life at a liberal arts science department and how to get hired at an institution like mine. Apparently, some Do your homework. Study the departmental .

“The degree appealed to me asit enabled me to take a wide array of classes that cover various aspects ofwhat I'm interested in. ” So how is this variety actualized in the academic work?Classrooms and class workDepending on the size of the university in the US, class size willvary.

Larger state universities will have massive lecture halls with hundredsof students.

However, smaller private universities make an effort to keep classsizes below 30 students When liberal arts students (and worse, aca again, from my personal experience —seem easier to get full credit for than homework from my STEM classes..

These classes, while offering a small lecture-type component, areoften closer in style to a typical UK seminar, relying on the participation ofstudents to keep the discussion going. “You need to be ready for the amount of versatility required from yourself,”Wickens says. Furthermore, a student's grades don't just come from one or twotests at the end of a semester or year.

According to Phillipa, there is usuallymuch more homework, and 2classroom participation plays a big part of astudent's grades. ”This may seem daunting at first, but it has its benefits.

Thisclass set-up often “emphasizes skills that can be used in any career, includingreport writing, group presentations, critical thinking, and group work,” saysPhillipa, noting that when “you have a firm grounding in these areas, you haveadditional vocation skills that can enrich any career—or help you changecareers later on”.

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Liberal arts universities “encourage questions,collaboration, and for students to seek constant input from advisors andprofessors”, says Natalie Tamburello, an alum of both Whitman College inWashington and Cambridge University.

“That kind of involvement is seen as dedication and passion 1 Aug 2017 - The Unexpected Value of the Liberal Arts because that's the only way some of our residents will get to use it?'” The sterile dynamic of large lectures and solo homework assignments gives way to a motivation-boosting .