9146 Finding the right topic to write a paper on is one of the most important stages of the writing process. Choose the right one, and you will make life so much easier for yourself; choose the wrong one, and it’ll be three times as hard to write it.

That’s why it is crucial to invest sufficient time in selecting the right topic. The time you spend doing it will pay back in the time and effort saved during the actual writing.

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of possible topics you could choose to write a paper in microeconomics. The common thing is that they will not pose any additional difficulties in writing and there are plenty of sources to get information from. Key areas of researchAs a more developed science than macroeconomics, microeconomics studies the economic tendencies, predicts what will happen when individuals make certain buying decisions, and how it will impact the distribution of resources.

At that microeconomics doesn’t explain what should happen on the market, but only what to expect when certain conditions change. The study of microeconomics includes the following key areas that one can focus on when writing a paper:Demand, supply, and their balanceElasticity – the ratio of responsiveness of one variable to the change of another variableConsumer demand theory – the way consumers can find a balance between purchasing needs and costsThe theory of production – the study of how inputs are converted into outputsCosts of productionMonopoly – the existence of a single supplier for a particular commodityOligopoly – a form of market in which it is dominated by a small number of sellersMarket structure and market systemsGame theorySupply and demand:How supply and demand are affected by the labor marketDistinct types of market structures and their effect on supplyNature and ecology:Demand and supply for clean energyHow natural conditions affect the economyThe influence of ecology on the choice of industry locationThe profitability of changing the location to one with better ecologyThe correlation between modern ecological problems and the economyHow companies treat ecology under market and planned economiesAssimilation potential of a certain areaFighting pollution and its microeconomic impactDecreasing environmental influences of a small businessHealthcare:The correlation between healthcare profits and taxationBusiness, SMB, and manufacturingDiminishing returnsHow local manufacturing affects the societyPurchasing local produce and its effect on the economyElements of a successful businessCreating a positive work place and its importance for a successful businessHow can a small business survive an economic crisis?The competition between small and big companiesA case study of a company that was forced to shut downThe longevity of companies in the ever-changing marketLocal customer trendsThe effects of a recession on a certain industryHow to expand a business without losses or risksWhat makes a strong leader in businessPreventing bankruptcy of a small businessThe benefits and future of crowdfundingSocial media, PR, and advertisingThe effect of advertising on purchasing decisionsThe odds of success when living through a quality-related scandalThe role of social media marketing in stimulating supplyGoods, pricing and purchasing powerThe effect of the purchasing ability of consumers on the pricing systemA Veblen good – the product purchased for the pride of owning it in addition to its valueManipulation of the prices for oil and gas by cartelsPrices versus salary – will the raise of the minimum wages affect prices?These are but a few ideas of microeconomic paper topics, which means this list is far from complete.

We encourage you to look for other ideas that will help your paper stand out.